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BeerRun Brewery Management Software

A software system designed by OpCenter LLC for manufacturing companies.
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BeerRun is used by Craft Breweries of all sizes. It runs in a Flash-enabled browser as well as through our desktop application. After a small start-up fee, clients pay only a monthly subscription that provides unlimited support — and also allows unlimited users and roles. Our pay-as-you-grow model is based on your production volume.

BeerRun empowers you to:

  • Plan your batches
  • View schedules and ingredient forecasts
  • Purchase ingredients and email POs
  • Enter bills and upload scanned images of them
  • Enter sales orders and email invoices
  • Produce and pack
  • File your TTB Excise Returns and Brewer’s Report of Operations with a single click

We sync with your existing accounting software. The sync engine runs on a timer (or manually) to post invoices and bills. We integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

We own the IP 100% and have written every line of code from scratch. We use open source (Java, MySQL and Adobe Flex). Our code is structured so the program is light on resources — and it cruises at high speed, regardless of user number or database size.

Our extended functionality is fully integrated:

  • The Distributor Portal front end is an E-store that enables your third-party distributors to place orders, modify as needed, and view history of past orders and invoices. The back end is a full-featured distributor relationship module.
  • BrewPad is a native iPad app that enables you to run your brewhouse operations without paperwork.
  • KegMaster provides a cost-effective way to view which kegs are on site, which ones are off site, with whom and for how long.

BeerRun is a browser- and desktop app-based system with no menus; every user sees only the buttons they need or are allowed. Step-by-step wizards prevent errors and simplify processes. The program is hardened with approvals at every stage. The autosync posts to your existing accounting software. Filing of TTB Excise & Brewer’s Report of Operations are automated.


  • Tame the spreadsheet beast.
  • Manage operations and inventory from anywhere you have web access, with real-time information and 360° visibility.
  • Automate and simplify manual tasks and work-arounds that waste your team’s time and limit their productivity.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks (or another accounting program) while offsetting its limitations, so there’s no need to implement an all-in-one ERP system.
  • Keep your costs down while maximizing profitability.

Popular Functionality Modules

Accounting Software Integration The BeerRun Sync engine is installed where your QuickBooks file is — either on your desktop or in the cloud. Based on a timer or manually, it automatically posts vendor…

Item Deep Dive Add an item and classify it as Ingredient, Merchandise, Packing Material or other: Ingredients appear in the Settings>Ingredients menu — as well as on the Bill of Materials —…

Packing Schedules Create a packing calendar to plan ahead for your packaging crew: For the batch, select one or more bright tanks and set days to pack (i.e. when). Set split: how many of each…

Variety Pack BeerRun enables you to add and edit unlimited Variety Packs. Specify the components and the quantity required for each Variety Pack. Variety Packs appear in your price…

TTB Reports With a single click, produce each TTB Excise report, Report of Operations and State/Provincial report with full supporting documentation; and print or upload: Captured on the…

Complete Functionality Module List

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