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OpCenter LLC

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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Since 2006, OpCenter LLC develops end-to-end systems that run small and mid-sized businesses.

What makes OpCenter different?

  1. No menus: our software is entirely icon driven.
  2. Easy to use: wizards guide you step by step.
  3. Roles-based: users see only what they need, nothing more.
  4. Secure: Bank level security, encrypted data.
  5. Dashboard encompassing existing assets: If you have a system in place we can integrate with it as long as it has an SDK/API. This gives you a 360 degree view and insulates you from the individual systems, and not asking you to throw out systems you have already invested in and have all your historical data.
  6. Accounting platform integration: our proprietary sync engine automatically posts transactions into your accounting system without human intervention.
  7. Multiple Accounting Platforms: We started with QuickBooks and now integrate with Sage products (Peachtree, BusinessWorks, 100 Fund Accounting, 200 and X3), Blackbaud (FundWare), etc.
  8. Mobile Technologies: We integrate iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry into the workflow.
  9. Industry-specific products built from the ground up. It’s not a Swiss army knife pretending to be a jackhammer, but a jackhammer born.
  10. Mission Critical: We recognize that our clients rely on the system and users are in it from 9 to 5 so it cannot go down, and have architected the solutions as well as support to assure this fundamental requirement is met every day.
  11. Platform Agnostic: we work across all platforms, but prefer open source.
  12. Cloud or server based: we do both.
  13. 100% IP: All our code is written in-house and continuously optimized for performance.
  14. Structured code: think Lego, rather than spaghetti or monolithic concrete.
  15. Relentless innovation: we give continuous releases to improve workflow and remain compliant with applicable laws.
  16. Proactive support: we monitor and proactively support customers.

Our team comprises nationally recognized QuickBooks technologists and storied inventors. The founder is an MIT-educated software entrepreneur, a certified Advanced Intuit Solution Provider, and a member of the Intuit Writer/Trainer Network.

Product Lines

  • BeerRun Brewery Management Software

    A software system designed by OpCenter LLC for manufacturing companies.

    0 reviews
    • CareTracker

      An accounts payable application designed by OpCenter LLC for health care & social services companies.

      0 reviews
      • Co-opCenter

        A web-based software system designed by OpCenter LLC for non-profit organizations.

        0 reviews
        • OpCenter Grant Management

          A multi-module management system designed by OpCenter LLC for non-profit organizations.

          0 reviews
          • TimeCenter

            A software system designed by OpCenter LLC for professional services companies.

            0 reviews

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