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ontrak Software, LLC

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the distribution industry.

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ontrak™ Software, LLC provides cloud-based software solutions for a number of industry and public sectors, including distributors, wholesalers, VARs, healthcare providers, public municipalities and others. ontrak™ had its roots in a contract that was awarded to Heritage Digital in 1999 by the US Air Force’s, Technology and Science Division to develop a software package to modernize the command’s Failure Analysis Laboratory. Building on the success of that project, the Division then contracted with Heritage Digital to replace an aging, and cumbersome, client/server system for tracking and managing a process called “First Article Management“ (FAM). The function of FAM is to manage purchased items that require conformance testing prior to insertion into the internal supply chain. Management of the process includes tracking orders, laboratory task tracking, accounting for inventory, work-flow process time tracking and managing the documents associated with the process. The design specification required removing paper from the process where possible. The software was to be cutting-edge technology utilizing what was then and is now seen as the next advance in providing complex software applications… cloud computing. The software was successfully developed and deployed by Heritage Digital, and is the first cloud-based tracking system of which we know.

In addition to the military work, Heritage Digital was providing software and IT technical support to private companies. One of their customers, a distributor with four warehouses in four states, could not find a software package to run his business and provide him the up to the minute information he desired. In 2004, this customer approached Heritage Digital about developing a software package specifically designed for a distribution business. He was shown the tracking software designed for the Air Force, and the customer said ”that will work, when can you have it ready?“ Eight months later the first version of ontrak™ was born.

In 2010, after years of refinement, with applications in a number of industry segments, a third major upgrade of this software system was released. Utilizing cloud computing, this software gives up to the minute information on a business from anywhere/anytime, as long as an internet connection is available. According to Roger Austin, principal architect of the ontrak™ software, ”due to the efficient architecture of the system, compared to client/server systems, system responsiveness is increased, usability of the system improved and capability of the system enhanced. The goal was to make use of an intuitive interface; therefore, decreasing the training time and increasing productivity while also improving usability. This was accomplished using software techniques that are even more complex than client-server systems but presenting the user with a straightforward interface using a standard web browser. With browser-based cloud computing systems, much of the complexity is shifted from the user to the developer.“ In addition to providing more capability to the customer, cloud computing can be significantly less expensive since dedicated telecommunication lines are not required.

Due to the growth of ontrak™ and the increasing popularity of cloud-based SaaS software, Heritage Digital and ontrak Software, LLC entered into a marketing, support and continuing development agreement in 2010 for the ontrak™ product. As a result, ontrak Software, LLC gained ownership of the ontrak™ product with Heritage Digital as the exclusive developer and support company.

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