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At this moment, your fleet is generating thousands of data points. This data can provide solutions to the greatest challenges facing members of the transportation industry. Predictive fleet analytics can leverage your data to build customized models that explain why events occurred, as well as suggest action plans to avoid them in the future. This insight empowers fleets to learn from past mistakes and to make intelligent decisions.

Big Data is About to Change the Transportation Industry as We Know It

Everything you know about the transportation industry is about to change. Enormous wells of data, deep data analysis, and predictive modeling will empower carriers to operate more safely, efficiently, and profitably. The right fleet management analytics software can turn this paradigm shift into your competitive advantage.

Reduce Accidents with Predictive Safety Analytics

The number of accidents and injuries involving large trucks continues to rise, and according to the FMCSA, 58% involve at least one driver-related factor. With an average cost of $330,000 for an injury due to an accident, an unexpected spike in these incidents can put a fleet in serious jeopardy.

Good News: Accidents Can Be Prevented

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of accidents are not random, but are the result of a gradual change in driver behavior. Fleet analytics software with predictive modeling can pick up on these subtle changes, and recommend remediation plans to address issues well before they result in dangerous behavior — and an expensive accident

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