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Managing the Bill of Material (BOM) is a key component in managing the definition of a product. An inaccurate or incomplete BOM can cause lost weeks in a schedule and result in wasted production runs.

Companies that do not leverage a PLM system to manage BOMs can suffer from inaccurate data, lack of revision control to view and track changes, and informal Change/ECO management processes.

Omnify PLM provides full Bill of Material management functionality including:

  • Complete BOM revision control and audit trail
  • Structured Change/ECO management process to control BOM (and other data) changes
  • “Where Used/Not Used” information available on all items/parts
  • Comprehensive importing/exporting/reporting to and from various file formats
  • Direct integration with ERP system for automated BOM uploads/updates
  • BOM comparisons (compare multiple BOMs)
  • Complete BOM hierarchy viewing from a single form
  • BOM Routing to document manufacturing, assembly, test, and inspection procedures

BOM Routing

The BOM Routing module allows you to document all manufacturing, assembly, test, and inspection procedures.

  • Document manufacturing, assembly, inspection, and test procedures
  • Define/Display operations/stages and steps/sequences (hierarchically)
  • Revision and ECO/Change controlled routing
  • Link to product records for document/graphical depiction
  • BOM/Routing quantity validation

Benefits of BOM Management

  • Eliminate manual BOM Management processes (Excel spreadsheets, file folders, etc.)
  • Improve data integrity by eliminating error-prone manual BOM entry processes
  • Implement streamlined/structured BOM Change/ECO processes
  • Manage all released and pre-release/prototype BOM revisions
  • Import data from any file format (Excel, XML, text, etc.) or directly from Engineering tools
  • Ensure data accuracy through automatic uploads to ERP and other business systems

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bill of Material (BOM) Management:

"Bill of Material (BOM) Management" is part of the Omnify Software Product Lifecycle Management line of products, developed by Omnify Software.