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Omni Accounts Limited

A developer of business management software.

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New generation Omni Accounts was formed by a joint venture between South African-based CK Services and UK-based Vision River in early 2002. The result? A revolutionary company based on 20 years of trading success.

In the five months since its launch to the UK market, Omni has secured over 1 000 offshore clients and numerous distribution partnerships with high-profile companies such as BT World, Amazon and Micro Warehousing, the UK’s largest information technology cataloguing firm.

In South Africa, Omni Accounts was launched at the end of July 2002 and is now being distributed by the second-biggest distribution group in South Africa, Pinnacle Micro.

With an average growth of 50 new clients a day, Omni Accounts is set to have a major footprint in the accounting software market.

The key differentiator between Omni Accounts and other accounting software products is the fact that users can select exactly which accounting features they require, select these and pay only for these features.

It is this pick and mix functionality that makes Omni Accounts especially suitable for start-up businesses or growing businesses, because the product can grow at the same speed as the company’s requirements.

However, Omni Accounts is still powerful enough for established multi-million turnover enterprises. In fact, it has been accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England and Wales).

Omni Accounts also offers a partnership program that will earn you ongoing revenue. Each time your client purchases an additional feature or bundle, you are rewarded with a percentage share of the revenue.

As soon as your client installs their CD and each time a further feature purchase occurs, you will receive a share.

Omni offers a full range of complementary service and support options to meet the diverse needs of clients and users.

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    A multi-module management system designed by Omni Accounts Limited.

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