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OmegaCube Technologies

A developer of software designed for mid-market businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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At OmegaCube Technologies, approach is our differentiator…

Being an independent software developer since 1999, we provide both the advanced technology and the applied expertise, to break-thru the bottlenecks and help manufacturers increase their effectiveness every day.

With every customer, out people strive to…

  • Provide extensive functionality
  • Bring manufacturing knowledge to our customers
  • Be responsive to customer goals
  • Provide flexible solutions
  • Help implement successfully
  • Keep ahead on technology
  • Help our customers gain a competitive edge.

Deep Manufacturing & Distribution Knowledge

Our in-depth product and manufacturing knowledge allow our customers to quickly identify improvements that they can make thru the use of technology. In using innovative tools & techniques, we have helped many of our customers gain a competitive edge.

Direct Contact with Customers

OmegaCube develops, sells, implements, and supports our customers without the use of outside or 3rd party consultants. This helps in delivering a better business value at a faster pace.

Direct Implementation & Support Services

Our time tested direct implementation approach ensures success at a great value. Our goal is to make sure implementation is done right the 1st time. Our support staff knows what you use and how - and provides useful answers quickly.

Listen to Customer Needs

“Your business direction drives our product direction.” At OmegaCube, customer input is the key to driving our product development & innovations.

Product Lines

  • OmegaCube ERP

    An ERP system designed by OmegaCube Technologies for manufacturers and distributors.

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Market Focus

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