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OGsys Fixed Assets processing is used to record information relating to the maintenance of assets, including depreciation and depletion calculations.

Features / Benefits

  • User Defined Depreciation Schedules
  • A Depletion Function is Provided Allowing the Tracking of Sales and Production History
  • Calculates depreciation using standard or user-defined methods on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Supports Up to Four ‘Books’ Per Company (IRS, AMT, STATE, INTERNAL)
  • Full General Ledger Integration
  • Provides for Multiple Depreciation Methods (MACRS, S/L, DDB, etc.), and Offers Units of Production Methods for Well Related Assets
  • Accepts Asset Candidates from Accounts Payable Invoices and Journal Entries
  • The Fixed Asset Accounts have a Supporting Sub-Ledger
  • The Sub-Ledger Totals can be Reconciled to the Corresponding General Ledger Balances
  • All Standard Conventions Such as Mid-Month, Mid-Quarter, Half-Year, etc. are Supported.

Other Applications

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"Fixed Assets Processing" is part of the Oil and Gas Information Systems, OGsys line of products, developed by OGsys.

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