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Office Gemini

A developer of business management software.

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As an international software developer, Office Gemini’s suite of software solutions are aimed at the document management and scanning industry. We distribute these solutions through a vast worldwide network of value-added resellers (VARs).

Our two premier products, Dokmee and Dokmee Capture (formerly Diamond Vision), are used by thousands of customers in more than 30 countries and are available in several different languages. The terrific software implementation assistance and strategic document management and scanning consulting services we offer allow us to provide a wide range of benefits to our end users and VARs equally.

Our sales and support specialists are not only experts on our own software products, but are also very knowledgeable about the industry as a whole and can help with complementing software and hardware products.

With locations around the world, Office Gemini supports our customers virtually anywhere in over a dozen languages and dialects. Organizations worldwide across various industries, including financial, legal, healthcare, and education, use Office Gemini solutions to streamline document management and imaging to optimize their business processes as they strive to become paperless.

Product Lines

  • Dokmee

    A document management system designed by Office Gemini.

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