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Are your employees productive? Do they have specific objectives and measurements? Are you identifying key skills and development needs? How are you flagging the “keepers” in your organization?

Employee reviews done on paper are often incomplete. Most of the time, they are used to justify a salary increase and then just filed away until the next review. They are often “one-sided”, reflecting only the supervisor’s perception. Many reviews don’t even specify future goals, much less follow up dates, to those goals. It’s tough to build a solid workforce, with the right skills, and maintain high employee satisfaction, in this type of environment.

NuView EBS’s Performance Management module provides an efficient way to perform employee reviews on-line, while capturing critical information about employee skills and accomplishments, which will ultimately lead to a more productive, happy and competitive workforce.

This module allows both the employee and the supervisor(s) to rate the employee on a wide range of skills and abilities. Busy managers don’t always remember employee accomplishments over the course of a year. If there is not a career path or succession plan in place, Managers may not know how the employee sees himself/herself down the road or what additional training and development is necessary to get the employee to that point.

The Employee Self-Review portion takes care of all that.Employees review themselves, at their leisure, in a non-threatening environment, against standard skills and capabilities related to their current position. There’s plenty of room for the employee to indicate key strengths, areas of greatest development potential and notable achievements.

Says one client “Employees love the self-review. They feel their input is valuable and that it’s a good way to remind managers about all their accomplishments over the past year. Employee satisfaction is perhaps one of the biggest plusses, in addition to timely, more efficient reviews.”

Once completed, Managers rate the employee on the same criteria, using a side-by-side comparison with the employee self-review. Once the Manager completes the review, both employee and manager sit down, discuss the review, set outcome (pay increase, warning, promotion, etc.), and set future goals with delivery dates.

Essentially, the pain of performance reviews has been taken away, with the added benefits of reducing the time spent on reviews, drastically cutting down paperwork, and providing the employee with the opportunity to voice their opinions, making the whole process less confrontation, and more productive. A win-win situation for everyone.


  • Employee Self-review
  • Manager(s) review (including 360 reviews)
  • Side-by-side Comparison
  • Standard and free from questions
  • Goal Settings/objectives and due dates
  • Outcome / action
  • Training needs for the employee

Other Applications

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"Performance Management" is part of the NuView EBS line of products, developed by NuView EBS, LLC.