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Applying to job openings on-line is now the recruiting norm. In addition, research shows that today’s job candidates use your company’s web site to form an opinion about your company, its culture and how you treat potential candidates.

How do you currently respond to candidates? Do they get an email that their resume was received? Or do you leave them with the feeling that their resume has fallen into a black hole? Can candidates check the status of their submittal? Can they easily update information on their resume? Do they constantly call to check the status of their application?

Today’s savvy job hunters apply to companies that let them easily apply for jobs and to companies that are both responsive and timely to their job submittals.

All too often, companies collect resumes and job candidates never hear from them again. Sound familiar?

In the short term, this reduces the number and quality of your applicant pool. Thinking longer term, this will certainly impact your company’s ability to remain productive, competitive and profitable as competition for these same candidates heats up.

NuView’s Candidate Access Channel allows job applicants to apply for job openings and submit their resume on-line. Taken a step further, they are also able to come back to your site at a later time and check the status of their submission(s). They cam also apply for additional openings and/or update their resume with more current information as needed.

Candidate access is really employee self-service, but for job candidates. You empower candidates to communicate and interact with your company through the use of web technology.


  • Applicant Wizard walks candidates through each step
  • Collect demographics, skills, certifications, education, prior employment
  • Define additional screening questions
  • Easy resume entry – Upload, Copy/Paste or Type in resume
  • Electronic signature/candidate certification agreement
  • Candidates can check status of all submittals
  • Candidates can change own password
  • Candidates can update their information
  • Built-in workflows, notifications, correspondence, emails
  • EEO reporting

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Candidate Self-Service:

"Candidate Self-Service" is part of the NuView EBS line of products, developed by NuView EBS, LLC.