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When you receive a purchase order from a customer, you generate a sales order in All Orders.

  • Sales orders can have multiple shipping and release dates, which means no more entering multiple sales orders.
  • You can maintain multiple ship-to addresses for each customer and ship multiple addresses from the same sales order.
  • Both inventory and non-inventory items can be added to sales orders.
  • Easily determine what’s in stock right from the sales order. Not-enough stock? You can create purchase orders directly from sales orders. When that purchase order is received, it will automatically fill the underlying sales order.
  • Print pick lists and create shipping docs with a single click.
  • If your customer wants to know when the order has been shipped, just print out the sales order ‘History’ report and the information is at your fingertips.
  • Sales orders in All Orders support email, SO to WO, SO to PO, drop ship, payments on order, sales taxes, foreign currency, order approval, ship complete, multiple shipping addresses and multiple ship dates.

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"Sales Orders" is part of the All Orders line of products, developed by NumberCruncher.