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nQativ’s ActivityHD software is an accounting solution like none other. nQativ and ActivityHD are an excellent fit for small to medium-sized organizations needing to fuel their business decisions with accurate and actionable data.

With flexibility built in from the outset, from the user-definable and adjustable account structure to the amazingly complex pay check calculations it can handle, ActivityHD is poised to serve a diverse and demanding clientele. ActivityHD’s installations include organizations as varied as an opera house, a paving contractor, a dental enterprise, professional employer organizations (PEOs), and fairs.

ActivityHD stands out from the rest of the accounting software crowd because it puts your data at center stage; it doesn’t hide your data in a black box. With data at your fingertips and powerful filtering tools, you can often find the answers you need without the added effort of running a report. Even so, ActivityHD is secure. With its advanced security, you can ensure that users only view the slice of data that they’re authorized to see.

At nQativ we back ActivityHD with a knowledgeable team of implementation and customer service advisers. Our implementers and conversion specialists guide you through the setup process and help you shape ActivityHD into your ideal solution. Once all systems are go, you are transitioned to the capable hands of nQativ customer service where your concerns become our priority.

Popular Functionality Modules

ActivGL - General Ledger ActivGL is hands down the industry’s most flexible chart of accounts. Besides the wide latitude it offers in designing and setting up your account structure, ActivGL…

ActivAP - Accounts Payable ActivAP helps you rein in your expenses, manage vendor relationships, stay on top of cash requirements, pay your obligations in a timely manner, and take advantage of vendor…

ActivAR - Accounts Receivable ActivAR helps you manage customer relationships and improve and plan cash flow. Features: Ability to track and age unpaid invoices. Finance charge calculation and application…

ActivBR - Bank Reconciliation ActivBR facilitates quick and accurate reconciliation of your bank statements. Features: Integration with ActivAp, ActivAR, ActivGL, ActivPR, and ActivPO. Multiple banks and…

ActivPR - Payroll ActivPR solves your foremost payroll challenge: timely calculation and production of accurate employee paychecks. ActivPR’s claim to fame is its ability to handle very…

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Reviews of ActivityHD


Activity is more than just accounting software. It is business software and a great tool for gathering and analyzing information that will help you run your business. It is comprised of modules including AR, AP, GL, Payroll/Human Resources that integrate seamlessly. The ability to easily import and export to other programs in a user-friendly manner is also a great feature. The software starts with a strong and well thought out foundation, making new enhancements and features very stable. We have been exposed to other business software products from time to time but nothing comes close in terms of flexibility, affordability, service and support.

The good: Our company has had an incredible business relationship with the NQativ team for three decades! We have a vertically integrated agri-food business and Activity is able to handle the requirements of all the diverse divisions of our business. The NQativ team is comprised of intelligent, honest, very knowledgeable individuals with a true passion for what they do and an unparalleled commitment to customer service. They are extremely responsive and are not satisfied until they have provided an answer or solution. You can actually talk with the developers as well who are always interested in listening to ideas on what is important to customers and their challenges.

The bad: I have difficulty coming up with what I don’t like about Activity but if I have to pick something I would have to say it is the time it sometimes takes for new modules to be released. This is because nQativ is very conscientious about ensuring things work to their satisfaction before they put them in the hands of the customer. Having said that, the product, once delivered, is worth the wait.

from Seattle Opera says…

Activity is a rock-solid accounting system with the best combination of tight control and flexibility that I’ve ever worked with. I have worked with this company for more than 25 years and am currently replacing Great Plains with Activity where I work now. The ease of use and the power of the system are unmatched in my experience - users love it!

The good: Activity is written by accountants for accountants. No 3rd party consultants - you talk with the people who wrote the programs. Report writing is in Excel - easy to use and totally flexible. Importing and exporting are simple and effective. Activity uses Windows functionality - it looks and performs the best Windows-style features . The software is kept up to date, and nQativ will work with you on any operational needs to find a solution within the system. The learning curve is relatively short, and the power is immense.

The bad: Having worked with Activity for years, I have not found bugs or flaws. There can be functions that I would like to add to the software, and Activity has a user group process and an enhancement process that leads to improvements and new features that are shared with all of the users of the software. So no complaints.

from Assist, Inc. says…

nQativ and the Activity software have been invaluable for our company! We are a small financial planning/tax preparation firm and needed an accounting software that could be modified for our specific clientele. When our old software starting having problems, we were told it could cost thousands of dollars to write a program for our needs. We contacted nQativ and they helped us create the needed specifics while staying with the current software they already utilized. We have found the system to be excellent! On top of that, they are only an email or phone call away when we have problems. For a company that does not have an IT department that is an incredibly important resource. We are very thankful for our association with nQativ!!

The good: Customized software needs

The bad: Every now and then the software will have a slow reaction time. We contact nQativ and it is quickly remedied