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Activity is a business management system with general ledger, budgeting & forecasting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, human resources, bank reconciliation, purchase order, fixed assets, CRM, contracts processing, and reporting capabilities.

Every business has its own accounting and operational challenges and yours is no different. Good news! The staff at nQativ loves challenges and loves working with you to find solutions to yours. Are you drowning in a sea of paperwork? We’ll throw you a lifeline. With the ability to attach electronic documents to almost any record and with notes that can remind you when you need to follow up, Activity can help make your dream of a paperless office a reality. Do you need to integrate existing software with one or more of nQativ’s solutions? We can do that. Do you have special reporting needs? No problem. Beyond the usual assortment of canned reports, Activity offers built-in reports plus tight integration with Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel. With Crystal’s robust reporting engine at your disposal, you can create custom reports yourself or rely on experienced nQativ personnel to design custom reports for you. Apply Excel’s analysis and charting tools to data exported from Activity and you unleash a multitude of reporting possibilities. Wonder how you’ll manage those years of historical data from your old accounting software? We’ve got you covered. Our professional implementation and conversion staff can assess your data needs and provide conversion options that suit you. Are you a small business with a small IT budget? We have a solution for that. Our hosting services let you leverage the power of our software while sparing you the infrastructure costs associated with an on-premises solution.

Here at nQativ we excel in personal service. You’ll never encounter an automated messaging system or get stuck in customer service limbo. We are humans serving humans who know that when you need assistance, “we’ll get around to it” just isn’t acceptable.

nQativ has been meeting the needs of businesses for more than 30 years. How do we do it? We listen to our customers and work relentlessly to deliver quality solutions. If your organization could benefit from a relationship with a software provider who has your back, call us today to set up a demo. We’ll show you how Activity can be customized to address your unique challenges.

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