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The Maestro Sales and Catering Module will assist your sales and marketing efforts with a comprehensive client contact and history database as well as assist your catering department with all aspects of event planning and scheduling.

Functions and Features Summary

Booking and Function Room Blocking

  • Function book is completely automated with no limits on future bookings
  • Bookings may be a simple one day affair, or complex with multiple days, multiple function rooms and multiple events
  • Recurring and multiple bookings may be done directly from availability display charts
  • Availability display charts provide complete access to all booking and client information
  • Bookings may be tentative, definite and wait-listed
  • Space blocking and event planning may be done independently and in stages as information becomes available
  • Ability to provide detailed booking quotation without assigning inventory
  • Existing booking information may be copied (whole or partial) to new bookings
  • Event re-scheduling (move to different dates) is done with ease
  • Ability to handle off premises catering
  • Ability to handle function rooms in multiple buildings

Set-up Features and Controls

  • Valid serving time for food and services can be configured for each item
  • Set-up inventory requirements and availability reports are produced on demand
  • “Do not move” status may be assigned to an event
  • Capacity requirements are monitored
  • Ability to specify tax exemptions for each booking
  • Ability to specify gratuity exemptions for each booking
  • Substitutions and new items may be added for each event
  • Ability to log staff time spent and type of work done

Event Planning and Tracking

  • Event planning options include room set-up, menus, beverages and special services
  • Activity planning for events are date, time and clerk sensitive
  • Creation of trace to help monitor booking and client activities
  • Ability to generate ‘to do’ list for clerks and management
  • Ability to set-up deposit requests and monitor receipts
  • Ability to set-up standard trace templates for date tracking (cut-off dates, contracts due, etc.)

Delegates Management

  • Delegate name tracking per event and convention
  • Registration processing for convention and sponsored events
  • Fees collection management may be done prior to and as part of registration
  • Name badges printing may be done prior to and during registration
  • Ability to print tickets for events

Charges, Costs, and Time Tracking

  • Ability to maintain prices and costs on all items and for staff time
  • Ability to log and track staff and consultants time spent by task
  • Ability to generate revenue and costs per delegate, event and booking
  • Ability to post phone charges directly to event folio via call-accounting interface
  • Ability to post invoices to A/R system

Changes Tracking and Reporting

  • Ability to track changes of required details
  • Ability to report on changes in several criteria
  • Immediate notification of changes to the responsible clerk
  • Ability to report on changes via Forms report writer

Client and Contact Management

  • Ability to maintain unlimited client contacts and related information
  • Ability to assign multiple attributes to clients
  • Ability to plan and monitor date sensitive activities (e.g. follow-ups, send info, etc.)
  • Ability to retain unlimited notes on client level
  • Complete history of details is retained for access and statistics
  • Ability to generate sales and statistical reports as required
  • Ability to cross reference affiliated clients/companies

Authorization and Access Control

  • Ability to assign staff, management and sales personnel to each booking
  • Ability to control booking access permission by clerk and level of authorization
  • Ability to assign authorized staff by booking
  • Ability to restrict clerk access by job responsibilities

Reporting and Queries

  • Forms generation facility to generate:
  • Customized Contracts, invoices etc.
  • Itineraries for functions and events
  • Confirmations with text and booking information
  • Liquor permits
  • Standard daily and on demand operational reports are available for staff and management
  • All reports may be viewed on screen and/or printed
  • Reports distribution templates may be set-up for groups of clerks
  • Automated clerk mail messages

Management Tools and Interfaces

  • Staff messaging and activity planning is available to support staff communications and project planning
  • Fax output facility is integrated to support transmission of client contracts and reports
  • Ad hoc query and report writer facility is integrated and allows access to all data retained
  • Database access via office productivity tools to generate reports and contact the client
  • Forms generation facility is integrated and is used to generate custom forms and documents

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Maestro Sales and Catering:

"Maestro Sales and Catering" is part of the Maestro line of products, developed by Northwind - Maestro Property Mgmt. Solutions.