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Front Office is designed to provide staff and management with an efficient tool to monitor and provide services to guests and groups promptly and accurately. The Front Office offers seamless integration with A/R, Sales & Catering and various office productivity tools.

Functions and Features Summary

Guest and Services Management

  • Reservations access to central guest and group history database
  • Reservations for single guests, sharers and family members
  • Small group management facility
  • Special guest services and brochure requests tracking
  • Guest transportation details tracking to manage transportation services
  • Guest locator feature available to locate guests that are not in their rooms
  • Registration of reserved guests, group members & walk-ins
  • Guest messaging and staff mail management
  • Multiple search criteria to locate guest information
  • ZIP/Postal code dictionary - Automatic update & address generation
  • On-line access and creation of travel agency and agency contacts
  • Travel agency check printing
  • Rates availability chart display, by rate type priority, room type and guest type
  • Check-out & cashiering with multiple currency handling
  • Reservation changes log update & query
  • Customized housekeeping services by guest type
  • Ability to assign multiple rate types and rooms to one reservation
  • Certificates processing and partial charge posting
  • Personalized and variable packages set-up during reservations
  • Detail retention of Guest History for management reporting & analysis

Group Bus Tours and Wholesalers

  • Group reservations and set-up of multiple addresses, contacts, attributes and text
  • Ability to block multiple room types and room numbers - variable rooms per day
  • Fast entry function for rooming lists and automatic room assignment
  • Automated reservations creation for group members
  • Register walk-in and reserved group members
  • Automated Fast group check-in/check-out function
  • Control and report on group rooms pick-up and unreleased blocks
  • Unlimited reservation time frame
  • Multiple folios capability per group and group members
  • Posting control of member charges to group folios
  • Temporary and contracted rates for groups may be established
  • Ability to set-up action dates and track activities
  • Ability to set-up group travel agent and multiple commission rates
  • Track groups by group code, company and attributes
  • Integrated with Central Billing & A/R to handle folios and settlements
  • Integrated with Sales and Catering module
  • Detail retention of Group History for Management Reporting
  • Ability to set up automatic group block release on cut-off date and/or arrival date

Folio Management

  • Multiple guest folios per reservation with posting and tax exemption controls
  • Permanent folios set-up for non-guest activity with automatic control facility
  • Ability to transfer activity between folios with full control & trace features
  • Ability to generate notes for A/R clerks
  • Ability to retain folio history and, reprint or fax folios
  • Automatic recognition of advance deposits on check-in
  • User defined criteria to summarize folio details
  • Integrated with common billing and A/R to handle Guests & Groups
  • Automatic guest folios set-up by guest type and template criteria
  • Automatic guest folio settlement and creation for long term stay guests
  • Facility for individual folio settlement method
  • Multiple group folios set-up with posting control over group member charges
  • Separate folios set-up for guest charges and revenue breakdown control
  • Automatic folio printing for monthly billing
  • Folio summary printing by day or total stay, and by source and settlement codes

Charges and Settlements/Posting Facilities

  • Automatic posting of room charges with variable frequencies; Daily, weekly, monthly and flat rate
  • Automatic taxes posting and exemptions control
  • Ability to set-up and track multiple advance deposit requests
  • Automatic routing control of posting from interfaces
  • Direct high volume fast posting facility by folio, guest name and reservation number
  • Monitored settlement of all guest & group folios on check-out
  • Ability to re-open closed folios and post adjustments
  • Automatic posting of charges for special services
  • Automatic package posting and revenue distribution
  • Facility to collect total stay charges on check-in
  • Automatic and manual interim settlement of folios to A/R for long stay guests
  • Automatic breakdown of charges with daily, monthly and no breakdown options
  • Integrated with Central Billing to handle folios, taxes, exemptions, currencies and all folio activity

Night Audit Processing

  • Monitored initiation & completion of night audit processing
  • Prevention of multiple night audit initiation
  • Continued (non-stop) operations during night audit processing
  • Automatic balancing and auditing of daily closing balances
  • Ability to back post adjustments under management control
  • Performance statistics generation and update
  • Integrated data sharing with:
  • Guest and Group History
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Travel Agency Commission Payment
  • General Ledger
  • Conference and Special Events
  • Automated or manual Night Audit processing with configurable options
  • Comprehensive revenue distribution and package breakdown
  • Automatic release of group blocks on cut-off date

Room and Room Types

  • No limit on room types and room numbers
  • No limit on future reservations for all inventory types
  • Availability space charts display for room types and room numbers
  • Room type blocking for individuals and sharers
  • Multiple room type blocking for small groups
  • Manual and automated room pre-assignment for reservations
  • Comprehensive current status display
  • Off-market management, single room and entire floors
  • Room attributes selection and display during reservations
  • Sharers room inventory assignment, with variable arrival dates
  • Multiple rooms, room types, rates and properties per reservation
  • Ability to block rooms without a specific room type
  • Ability to set-up, reserve and bill for food and special services
  • Overbooking allowance on global and room type basis
  • Day-use room inventory reservations and control
  • Group and wholesalers inventory blocking and management facility

Management Facilities and Reporting

  • Consolidated managers report
  • Monthly occupancy report with statistics
  • Market segment details report
  • Group & corporate statistics report
  • Actual based forecasting analysis reports
  • On-line occupancy inquiry & reporting
  • Space charts by room type and room number
  • Reservations forecast with booking pace totals
  • Ability to set-up date sensitive sell and clerk messaging
  • Rates availability control and yield optimization
  • Ad hoc query and report writing facility with access to all files
  • Custom Forms Generation Facility for folios, confirmations and other reports
  • Database access via Windows Office Productivity Tools such as spread sheet and report writers

Rate Type Criteria and Yield Factors

  • Daily rates set-up by; Guest Type, Room Type and Season
  • Special group rates
  • Special corporate rates
  • Per person and per room package rates may be set-up for guests and groups
  • Ability to set-up Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Long-stay Rates
  • Special Management Rates override facility
  • Package set-up with standard and variable days assignment
  • Rates set-up for each day of the week
  • Yield Rate Factors for:
  • Advance Booking
  • Number of guests
  • Hotel Occupancy
  • Length-of-stay Factors
  • Yield Availability Factors for:
  • Prohibit arrivals and departures
  • Impose a minimum length of stay
  • Close out a rate type, guest type, group, company, room type and building
  • Arrival blocking by day of the week
  • Rate blocking and minimum stay control
  • Automatic room rate split for sharers

Guest Messaging

  • Ability to take date sensitive messages for reserved or in-house guests
  • Ability to take messages “for” guest, “about” guest, for staff, and “attention” messages
  • Unlimited text per message and unlimited messages per guest
  • Ability to print messages, deliver verbally and track delivery method
  • Attention messages are processed as priority to deliver
  • Voice messages two way interface

Interfaces Posting and Control

  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Card Key Facility
  • Call Accounting Systems
  • Telephone Systems and Voicemail
  • In-Room Movie Systems, Folio Display, Check-out
  • Central Reservations (CRS)
  • Central Reservations (CRS)
  • Mini Bar and Card Key Facility
  • Custom Interfaces

Other Set-up Features

  • Room types
  • Guest types and associated Rates
  • Revenue and Payments Posting Controls
  • Rates and package charges distribution
  • Credit limit options
  • Source of business codes
  • Guaranteed and settle by methods
  • Currencies allowed and Exchange Rates
  • Special Services and Charges
  • Inventory Types
  • Overbooking limits
  • Off Market Rooms

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Maestro Front Office:

"Maestro Front Office" is part of the Maestro line of products, developed by Northwind - Maestro Property Mgmt. Solutions.