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This common module provides the ability to handle a single or multiple property environments with inter-module integration.

All modules that provide Guest and Group Services have direct access to this Common Facility to provide maximum flexibility in generating an invoice and collecting a payment. Open folios may accept postings from multiple modules and combine all details under one folio for presentation to the client.

Functions and Features Summary

Clients and Set-up

  • Ability to set-up client masters with multiple contacts/addresses
  • Ability to set-up client attributes with capture control
  • Ability to capture unlimited notes and maintain action and follow-up dates
  • Ability to search in various criteria
  • Ability to set-up credit limits and late charges levels
  • Ability to set-up unlimited categories of revenue, settlement methods and currencies
  • Ability to set-up multiple taxes per revenue category
  • Ability to define tax exemptions
  • Changes log is retained for management review

Folio Management

  • Folios and details are maintained as open items
  • Ability to create multiple folios for a billing period
  • Ability to capture unlimited notes for collection and tracking
  • Ability to set-up posting restrictions per folio
  • Folio access and actions log is maintained for management audit
  • Ability to transfer and write-off partial or entire folios - activity is kept on log file
  • Permanent folio facility to handle internal and non guest activity
  • Ability to allow and control back posting by date criteria
  • Ability to set-up messages to print on folios by multiple criteria

Folio Details

  • Unlimited details per folio
  • Ability to adjust and write-off partial folio details
  • Ability to transfer details to other folios using multiple criteria
  • Automatic currency exchange posting
  • Multiple levels of taxes per details
  • Ability to summarize details by user criteria
  • Ability to maintain unlimited text per folio details
  • Fast post facility for quick posting to multiple folios
  • Capture of clerk, date and time for each detail
  • Automatic G/L account allocation
  • Ability to open closed folios and post back dated details

Receipts and Setttlements

  • Ability to set-up multiple settlement methods
  • Automatic settlement to credit card accounts
  • Automatic settlement to Accounts Receivable
  • Ability to make partial folio payments
  • Ability to allocate receipts to multiple invoices
  • Ability to allocate receipts to multiple accounts
  • Ability to apply receipts manually and automatic
  • Ability to maintain notes for each receipt

Folio Access and Actions Log

  • Ability to view and print actions and access log
  • Ability to view dates of folio close, open, print, transfer and write off
  • Ability to view clerk, date and time of each activity
  • Ability to print ad hoc audit reports
  • Ability to set up access by clerk, functions and level of data manipulation

Forms and Reports

  • Special facility for mailing labels generation
  • Ability to generate standard reports on demand
  • Ability to print client statements utilizing balance forward and open item
  • Ability to fax generated forms and reports (i.e. folios to clients)
  • Ability to generate custom forms (invoices, statement, etc.) and merge with client data
  • Ability to generate unlimited ad hoc queries and reports
  • Ability to catalog forms and ad hoc standard formats
  • Ability to define runtime criteria for ad hoc reports
  • Database access via office productivity tools to produce special reports and contact the clients

Integration with Other Modules

  • Ability to receive postings from all other modules
  • Ability to integrate with the G/L System
  • Shares a common client data base with all other modules
  • Integrated with office tools for operational and management reports

Management Reports and History

  • Complete details history is maintained as per management criteria
  • Access and reprint of past folios is available on demand
  • Management reports may be generated to provide analysis information
  • Back dated posting analysis reports are available on demand
  • Client payment performance analysis reports may be generated on demand

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Maestro Accounts Receivable:

"Maestro Accounts Receivable" is part of the Maestro line of products, developed by Northwind - Maestro Property Mgmt. Solutions.