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We have designed and engineered our programs to meet the highest standards of accuracy, ease of use, flexibility and high performance. We back up our programs with unconditional satisfaction guarantee and expert technical support.


Grant Manager™

Tracks, analyzes, reconciles and reports transactions that are charged to one or more funding sources. It can also keep track of separate cost centers and inventories, print P.O. forms, help users create their own reports, limit users’ access to only certain accounts, and much more. Grant Manager can read data from external sources, such as other databases (e.g., Oracle™, SQL Server™, Access™, etc.)

Grant Manager also reads salary data from Personnel Manager™, so that users can keep all salary, equipment, overhead and other expenses and income under one roof for overall record keeping, accurate reporting and comprehensive analysis. The Grant Manager fund accounting system is mostly used as a shadow system to keep departmental accounting up-to-date and accurate at all times. It is also used to ensure that main institution and department level accounting, including overhead and fringe calculations, is accurate, verified and synchronized on both sides.

Personnel Manager™

Calculates past, present and future salaries and fringe benefits, that are funded from various sources in different proportions over time. Personnel Manager makes it easy to accurately perform the often daunting task of making sure that everyone’s salary and benefits are paid properly, no matter when and where the funds are coming from. As people and grants come and go and benefits change over time, Personnel Manager is the only tool accountants need to make sure that everyone is adequately covered and to see exactly where the money is coming from.


You can use Grant and Personnel Manager programs on many different levels from simple data entry to sophisticated analysis, decision support and reporting. You can configure both programs to best meet each end user’s needs, so that they can get their work done as quickly and efficiently and with minimal training.


Both programs are quite easy to use, and they come with comprehensive manuals, context sensitive help and other forms of personal and on-line support. If necessary, we also offer live training over the web, at your location, or self paced training with our computer based training CD’s. Training topics range from proper system setup to reconciliation to advanced report generation, and everything in between.

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  • Grant Manager

    A payroll application designed by Northern Lights Software.

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