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The Norming PSA system can store documents related to employees, business partners and projects in a single database, so they can be retrieved out of a central repository as needed by authorized employees.

Document Management

  • Maintains document categories with specific subject, file numbering rule and approval workflow.
  • Additional document properties can be created for documents to make searching easy.
  • Unlimited level of directory can be created to store files.
  • User and employee permission can be specified per file and directory.
  • Document approval workflow can be set up to have documents reviewed by specified employees.
  • Document approver can update documents with a new version while keeping the old version.
  • Documents can be viewed and kept in a central repository or separately by module.
  • Provides an easy and fast method of searching for documents in the system.


  • Based on SAP’s Crystal Reports technology.
  • Human resource reports include Employee Register, Employee List, Employee Analysis, Employee Job History, Payroll Calculation History, Job Opportunities, Benefit Planning Report, and Leave History.
  • Business partner reports include Partner Profile, Sales Forecast, Contract Details, and Contract Status.
  • Project reports include Project Status, Project Schedule, Project Estimate, Project Cost, and Project Profitability.
  • Timesheet reports include Timesheet Details, Timesheet Summary, Time Comparison, Overtime Detail and Overtime History.
  • Expense reports include Expense Forms, Employee Expense Account, Expense Details, and Expense Summary.
  • Allows users to attach custom reports to the system for specific reporting requirements.


  • Based on SAP’s Crystal Xcelsius technology.
  • Human Resource dashboards include Headcount Change, Labor Cost Analysis, and Top 10 Employees.
  • Business Partner dashboards include Customer Comparison by Industry, Customer Comparison by Size, Sales Forecast and Top 10 Customers.
  • Project dashboards include Project Profit/Loss, Project Cost Analysis and Top 10 Projects.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Management, Reports & Dashboards:

"Document Management, Reports & Dashboards" is part of the Norming Professional Service Automation System line of products, developed by Norming Software International.

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