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NolaPro manages pricing levels, tracks RMAs & back-orders, and supports Build Orders.

  • User-defined categories of products
  • User-defined unit names
  • User-defined pricing methods
  • Multiple inventory locations (for same product)
  • Enter/update inventory items
  • Bill-of-Materials entry, build assembly units
  • Lots of reports: status of items, activity, value of inventory, price lists, item distribution, usage history, suppliers list, etc. all exportable to excel and most having drill-downs to details of numbers in reports.
  • Physical Inventory: worksheets to make collecting counts easy, entry of counts, post of new counts to inventory on-hand and posting of differences to adjustments.
  • Tracks “committed” items from orders and removes the committed amounts when orders are filled. At that time adjusts the on-hand counts.
  • Purchase Orders: entry/print of PO’s, lists of pending PO’s, enter quantities received, pass totals to payables once invoice received (completely assures that bills received match actual receipts of product).
  • Receive items into inventory without PO
  • Vendor Entry/update.
  • Vendor lists and mailing labels

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"Inventory" is part of the NolaPro Accounting line of products, developed by Noguska LLC.

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