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Nodus Technologies

A developer of business management software.

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Nodus Technologies is a leading provider of integrated payment processing solutions. Leveraging our patent-pending technology, Nodus enables organizations to achieve end-to-end connectivity by seamlessly integrating front and back office business applications.

Based on a collaborative framework, our software integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Retail Management System, Point-of-Sale, Small Business Financials, CRM, and E-Commerce Websites.

Nodus’ solutions facilitate greater scalability by utilizing an open architecture which readily supports the addition of payment gateways and diverse business environments. With over 400 global accounts, Nodus Technologies provides a standard interface that helps merchants streamline electronic payment processing and business process automation.

Our unique solutions integrate with the fastest, most secure, and reliable payment gateways in the industry, including Verisign, Paymentech, PayPal, CyberSource, and others. These solutions work with multiple payment types (credit cards, electronic checks, and ACH) enabling merchants to:

  • Verify electronic payments in real-time directly from within the accounting solution
  • Gain flexibility to add or change payment gateways easily, without modifying software or code
  • Automate the transfer of data from front-end to back-end applications
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing e-commerce web sites using simple interfaces

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