Is Payroll right for your business?

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This payroll system is designed to handle a broad range of additions and deductions, such as: 401k and cafeteria plans, court orders, health insurance, loans, union dues, piece work, commissions and bonuses, and other non-hourly compensation types. Deductions can be customized by you to be charged as a flat fee, a percentage of pay, or an hourly rate. Additionally limits can be designated by dollar amount or percent of pay, to set a maximum. Furthermore, deductions can be setup as a recurring fee for each check or applied manually. Finally, Auto-remittance streamlines payments for court orders and 401ks by automatically generating a corresponding payable to the payee through the Accounts Payable system.

Hour Types

This solution tracks the hour types worked by an employee. Types are: regular, overtime, double time, holiday, vacation, sick and personal time, as well as any additional hour types you desire.

Work Groups

The Work Groups in the Payroll solution allow you to group employees into groups based on the type of work being performed. Work groups can be used to determine the rules used when calculation hours for round and overtime.

Tax Deposits

This product can withhold federal and state taxes automatically from your employee’s paychecks.

W-2 Preparation

Since this product (like the others in Nextsoft) operate in real time, there are no end-or-year procedures needing to be ran. This allows you to quickly generate employee’s W-2’s and electronically submit them to the IRS if you so desire