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Contact Info

This section of the Customer folder holds your customer’s basic contact info, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email address and special notes. You can assign an unlimited number of contacts and associated telephone numbers or emails.


The Journal allows you to keep a record of all contacts with the customer, such as: telephone calls, sales calls, letters, trade shows, collection letters, etc. This history can be reviewed or printed for the life of the customer. All journal entries include a timestamp and digital signature.


The Financial section of Customer Relationships will store a complete history of every invoice, payment, quote, sales order, balance due, and aged receivable balances. Additionally, every invoice in this section will have complete details, showing part numbers, pricing, discounts, terms, delivery dates, partial payments, and transaction notes.

Credit & Collections

This section allows you to keep track of customer payment history, future payment obligations, and collection notes. The credit rating and collection risk of each customer is calculated on a daily basis, and presented along with key payment performance, including min, max and average payment days per invoice, times late or delinquent, and aged receivables balance. Furthermore, delinquent customers, or slow payers can be placed on credit hold, which prevents any future attempts to take orders or service calls until the hold is released.


As previously stated this solution acts as a filing cabinet for all pertinent customer documents.