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This page allows your staff to quickly create quotes for customers, turn them into sales orders or invoices, generate purchase orders from sales orders, and communicate with shipping and your warehouse. The Order Entry & Invoicing page gives you great flexibility in creating your Orders. Orders can be entered into a customizable form that allows you to select inventory items or labor rates.

If you need to generate an order for services or other non-product sales you can use General Ledger billing codes on the order. In the Order creation process, you will automatically be shown the customer file, allowing you to see invoices, payment history, and credit/collections activity. Additionally, your staff can attach comments to a customer file, which will be displayed each time a new order for that customer is entered. Finally, you are able to enter descriptions of unlimited length for each order or billable line item.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Entry & Invoicing:

"Order Entry & Invoicing" is part of the Accounting line of products, developed by Nextsoft.