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A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by Nextsoft.
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The Nextsoft Accounting system is a full suite of operational and administrative functions that is used for managing your business’ books. Nextsoft Accounting is tightly integrated with the Service and Jobcost offerings, allowing you to automate the time consuming task of entering hours and materials into the system. Since all data flows in real-time, financials are always current and do not require posting or end-of period procedures. Complete financial statements are always available and current, including the present day’s activity.

A major feature of Nextsoft’s Accounting solution is the elimination of end of month processing. Because there are no batches, or procedures to run, all transactions (e.g. invoices, purchase orders, payments, timesheets) result in the immediate updating of all other related areas, such as receivable balances, checkbook balances and the Chart of Accounts. There is no need to perform any month-end functions, yet at the same time you can continue entering information for a new month even as you are preparing financials and statements for a prior month. All transactions and reports are based on actual date, so you can easily backdate a transaction into a prior period if needed. At the same time, a prior period can be locked so that additional transactions cannot be entered accidentally, such as after the tax return is prepared.

All financial data in Nextsoft is stored in three dimensions; allowing you to view all General Ledger account balances by department, location, or both. Departments are used to assign sales or expenses to customer demographics, such as wholesale, retail and commercial. Locations include your physical store or office locations. As a result, management decisions can be based on performance of a single location, a single department within a location, or a department across all locations.

Functionality Modules

Cash Management

General Ledger The General Ledger is broken into two parts; shown on two separate “pages” but directly tied into each other: Chart of Accounts The Chart of Accounts is the heart…

Payables The Payables page will manage your payables by allowing you to enter all vendor invoices, including invoices for non-purchased items, to be entered into a single vendor…

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