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Next Generation Logistics

A developer of business management software.

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Next Generation Logistics, Inc. was (NGL) founded in 1988, with three internal divisions which focus solely on supply chain consulting, outsourced contract services and technology.

Our business is based on the economic premise that a client company can obtain single source expert supply chain advice, services and technology without expensive consulting, adding permanent personnel or purchasing costly software.

The recent explosion of regulatory, material handling, and information system technology has forced many companies to upgrade to remain competitive. Due to the complexities of these issues and the recent trend of client companies downsizing or rightsizing, the need for quality assistance in planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling new supply chain concepts and technology has expanded.

Our contract services (Business Process Outsourcing) was a natural outgrowth of our consulting role. In this situation, a client company recognizes that there are specific areas that affect their product in which they are not experts, has not realized full economic potential, or cannot divert scarce resources to a specific functional area of their organization. In any case, they may opt to hire an expert organization and contract out on a permanent basis this function to replace or supplement internal staff.

Although the marketplace for Supply Chain Services is vast, and there are many new Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies springing up every week, NGL is well positioned to concentrate in the supply chain areas of transportation, warehousing, inventory management and information systems which our personnel are known experts.

Next Generation has taken a customized, single sourced approach to its Services by offering companies a wide range of options and allowing them to pick and choose those services that are most beneficial for their companies. Additionally, NGL does not dictate how the Services will be offered, and would rather customize them to fit the customer’s business.

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