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NewportWave began business with a very specific goal: to make it easier for banks and small to medium sized businesses to file electronically. Those enterprises typically processed information on main frame computers or other multi-user systems. Getting 1099 and W2 data out of those systems and into the IRS/SSA formats was problematic. At the same time, the processing of information was beginning to move from the main frame to the desktop. It was our goal to get the information from the mainframe systems down to the desktop and then prepare it in the IRS/SSA format on PC compatible media. Printing of forms was a secondary issue at the time, handled on the centralized systems.

During those first years we built a solid and loyal following as we focused mainly on electronic filing. But starting in the late 1980’s, the printing of forms began moving to the desktop, especially with the advent of the laser printer. No longer was W2 and 1099 printing relegated to continuous forms on heavy duty line printers. Individual PC users could now enter and import information, print forms, and file electronically. And during this time the YES software evolved from just an electronic filing program to a full blown W2 & 1099 processing package. Our customer base also grew. Today our software enjoys a wide audience (we even have customers in Europe!) We continued to acquire new customers while our repeat customers come back year after year. Today, the YES software is the best in its class. Just ask our customers. They keep using the YES software because our goal is still the same: Great software backed up by great support.

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