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QCS - Quality Control System is used to provide quality control data collection and reporting functions to your production floor. This product allows you to setup an unlimited number of quality codes with descriptions and associated severity levels. All quality data can be captured by employee, cut/lot number, style, quality checker, quality code, quantities checked, defects found, and severity code. This product gives you flexibility in the quality checking processes; quality checkers can be at one fixed location or wander around the factory to gather location. Additionally, there are no limits to the number of quality inspectors you can have operating this system. Reports generated by the system can be viewed in summary or in detail by: employees, quality codes, dates, departments, severity codes, and other quality related information. A summarized listing of the features and benefits of the system can be seen below:

  • Batch or real-time input
  • Unlimited quality inspectors
  • Stationary or roving inspectors
  • Reports immediately available
  • Employee, department, defect codes, styles, percent of defects

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"QCS" is part of the TPM line of products, developed by New Generation Computing.

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