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The Order Allocation system gives you the ability to allocate orders by warehouse, customer, style, stock, or work in-progress. You are able to create and run an unlimited number of allocation simultaneously. Additionally, you are able to define allocation templates that can be used for future new allocations; and pre-set allocation rules can be used to refine the allocation after specifying customer and style information. What if scenarios allow you to see the results of allocations before you run them. Additional features of this module are:

  • Basic allocation is option
  • Unlimited number of DC’s
  • Rules base allocation
  • Allocation Templates
  • Reservation system
  • Multiple active allocations
  • Allocation worksheet
  • Audit trail of users
  • Interface to Inventory Module
  • Interface to Locator
  • Flexible Reporting

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"Customer Order Processing" is part of the REDHORSE line of products, developed by New Generation Computing.

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