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e-Quality is a web-based quality control, audit, and analysis tool that provides critical information to supporting sourcing operations. This product will allow you to perform workmanship audits and packing accuracy checks at the factory, forwarder, the distribution center, or anywhere else you desire. You are able to define all sampling rules, inspection points, and defect codes; allowing you to clearly communicate the audit requirements to the quality control inspector. Additionally, this product will allow you to view the current inspection status of any and all PO’s. Upon a failed inspection, all responsible parties are automatically alerted. This product will provide you with a central location for all of your quality information; allowing you to perform defect and quality trend analysis by vendor, across vendors by defect type, product line, customer, agent, or many other selections. Additional features of this product are:

  • In-Line, Final, Packing Accuracy and DC quality audits, unlimited inspection points.
  • Measure supplier quality performance.
  • Paperless collection with Tablet PC
  • Unlimited AQL or % based audits.
  • Quality index by factory as a component of overall vendor scorecard.
  • Detailed and summary defect analysis by audit, style, factory, etc.
  • Analysis and querying capabilities including Pareto graphs.
  • No client software required

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"e-Quality" is part of the e-SPS line of products, developed by New Generation Computing.

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