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Product development is a key part of any global sourcing strategy for companies producing & sourcing products on an international scale. This system is multi-lingual supporting many languages and eliminating language barriers as a barrier to entry. The software allows you to create, identify, update, track, and collaborate on all steps required for a new style to be ready for production. The system supports an unlimited number of development processes, and unlimited steps within each process. Processes can be defined by customer at the time of style creation. Finally, e-Product Development allows you to create and manage images, sewing instructions, measurement sheets, color sheets, and spec packs. Some highlights of the functionality of this product are:

  • Time and Action Calendar with triggers and alerts
  • Unlimited Product Development Processes
  • Approve and update each event in the process
  • Creation of Specification Packs
  • Remote access by company and trading partners
  • Monitor progress with auto update of time remaining until completion
  • Auto release to Pre-production or Production
  • Extensive reporting

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"e-Product Development System" is part of the e-SPS line of products, developed by New Generation Computing.

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