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Keep Culture and Values top of mind

The strongest and most successful organizations have rich cultures that are embraced and celebrated by the entire team. When everyone is engaged and aligned, your company performs more effectively and more consistently.

Leverage value-based recognition and goals

Tie your company values directly to performance! When recognizing employees for a job well done, or setting goals and objectives, connect desired behaviors and outcomes directly to your company values. Demonstrate how a great support call reinforces your value of “Superior Customer Service.” Or set a team goal to reduce mistakes by 35% and explicitly link it to “Quality First.”

With TribeHR, your company values become active drivers of behaviour and a key component of performance. Highlight your value champions and let every team member see which values their co-workers are supporting. TribeHR helps you harness the power of social goals and peer recognition to quickly build a culture of success.

TribeHR Values and Culture: What it does

  • Links peer and public recognition to company values
  • Connects personal and corporate goals to company values
  • Makes it easy for managers and employees to see which values are supported
  • Enables HR leaders to identify and recognize which employees are championing values
  • Recognizes employees who are quietly reinforcing company culture every day
  • Raises the visibility of company values with unique, customizable badges and descriptions
  • Lets you tie corporate values directly into your formal performance management processes