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There is a common mantra in management that says “praise publicly, criticize privately.” TribeHR makes it easy to master both!

Our own research has shown that public praise from peers is even more powerful than public praise from a manager! Employees love the way TribeHR makes it easy for them to recognize each other’s successes. Sending a quick congratulatory note to a fellow employee is simple and easy to do, but has a profound impact on motivation and morale. You can even send kudos to two or three people at once, congratulate the entire team or department, and attach a photo—all with a few clicks. Let the power of praise contribute to your high-performance culture!

TribeHR Peer and Public Recognition: What it does

  • Makes it easy for employees to recognize each other publicly and for managers to recognize their team members.
  • Sends a notification of any kudos received to the employee and the employee’s manager.
  • Stores all recognition in the employee record and keeps them front-and-center on the employee dashboard to help maintain positive energy.
  • Option to allow employees to post recent recognition to their Facebook pages.
  • Prominently displays a friendly button on the employee profile and dashboard to encourage peer recognition.
  • Allows managers to automatically include notes and recognition in reviews.
  • Makes it easy to link recognition with company values, enhancing corporate culture and fostering “values champions.”