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Tracking and managing employee time-off is one of those HR tasks that should be simple, but seldom is! Imagine a system that automatically tracks available and used time-off, keeps tabs on everyone’s scheduled vacation time, records each employee’s requests for time-off and the manager’s response, and maintains actual time-off records forever. TribeHR is that system!

Stick with the standard, or make it unique

TribeHR conveniently includes a number of common types of time-off which you can use “as is” or customize to suit your needs. Better still, you can identify as many types of paid and unpaid time-off as you need, then define the allocation, accrual rules, carryover amounts and reset parameters for each. TribeHR provides all the flexibility you need to create the combination that best supports your employees and makes your company unique.

TribeHR Time-Off Tracking: What it does

  • Allows you to create multiple types of time-off with distinct rules and parameters.
  • Establishes company default settings while giving you the power to apply different rules for individual employees.
  • Provides an automatic, tracked process for managing time-off requests and approvals.
  • Displays the current count of available time-off on the employee dashboard.
  • Encourages employees to check the shared calendar before requesting time-off.
  • Makes it easy for employees to request time-off within the application, and tracks both their request and the manager’s response.
  • Allows managers or administrators to request time-off on behalf of an employee.
  • Sends an email notification, with a convenient one-click approval link, to the manager when time-off is requested. * Managers can also review, edit, reject, or approve requests within TribeHR when the time is convenient for them.
  • Integrates with the company calendar to enable better workload management across your team, department, and organization.
  • Automatically enters a record of all time-off requests, approvals, and denials into the time-off section of the employee profile.
  • Automatically tracks how much time-off is earned, banked and used by each employee
  • Reconciles accruals and usage, making it easy to run payroll reports.
  • Provides dynamic reports so managers can track team, department, or company trends at a glance.