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Wouldn’t it be great if you knew, at a glance, the entire story of an employee’s history with your company? With TribeHR you can! Each employee profile stores the complete history of the employee in date-effective records that clearly identify changes, milestones, and growth experienced since the date of hire.

From address and salary changes, through promotions and transfers between locations—TribeHR records it all, and maintains the historical version of the data. So you have a complete change history that tells the story of every employee’s time with your organization.

To make it even easier, TribeHR displays that history in an appealing timeline format that can be easily scanned for key information. Access the information you need in just seconds, from anywhere.

TribeHR Employee History Timeline: What it does

  • Saves all changes to employee data in the employee file and profile.
  • Stores prior versions of employee data forever (or until you choose to delete them).
  • Allows you to expand or contract the employee history view within the employee profile.
  • Displays the complete employee history in an easy-to-read timeline format that conveys a clear sense of progress and continuity.
  • Tells the story of an employee’s time with the company in a quick snapshot that includes the nature, date, and actual data that was changed.