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For some companies, there’s no substitute for having the control and flexibility of doing payroll in-house. But generating payroll in this way comes with a host of challenges: complying with government regulations; calculating earnings, deductions, and taxes; printing checks; or giving employees the option of direct deposit.

NetSuite’s financial software for wholesale distributors enables you to do payroll in-house easily, quickly and accurately. With NetSuite, you can manage your payroll with complete confidence.


  • Get the full control—and significant cost savings—of processing payroll in-house.
  • Make rapid changes, which are reflected instantly to give you an accurate view of the payroll company-wide.
  • Payroll is integrated with the general ledger, ensuring that the general ledger is always current.
  • Options such as direct deposit give employees more flexibility and boost company morale.
  • All government obligations, withholdings and forms are managed directly within the software, freeing up your time and resources for more vital tasks.


  • Generate a range of payroll reports, including check register, liability, payroll summary, payroll detail, as well as hours and earnings.
  • NetSuite tracks, gathers and creates all relevant government forms (such as W-2s or 1099s), taking the burden off you.
  • Set up federal withholding, federal unemployment, Medicare, social security, and advance earning income credit with a click of a button.
  • Company contributions, such as 401K, health insurance, or other dues, are fully integrated into the software.
  • Either print checks, or offer employees direct deposit.
  • Track all employees’ sick and vacation time automatically.