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In the highly competitive world of business, companies must plan for future success while keeping track of costs. They need to be able to monitor costs, set up new budgets, or multiple budgets for different scenarios.

With NetSuite, creating and managing budgets has never been easier. You can enter budgets for all your accounts on one screen, reducing time and labor. Or, if you have more complex needs, you can create budgets outside NetSuite and import them in a CSV file format.


  • Plan for success with a budgetary roadmap, and compare the budget to actual spending.
  • Support for multiple budgets allows you to set up, and report on, more than one budget for the same set of criteria.
  • Run a budget for multi-location facilities, enabling you to track numbers accurately across offices, departments, and teams.


  • Manage multiple budgets for different scenarios (best case or worse case, for example); or, compare current budgets versus actual spending.
  • Work with budgets either online or offline, giving you the flexibility you need to do your job more efficiently.
  • Import or export budgets quickly and easily using CSV format.