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Streamlining accounts receivable can help distributors boost efficiency and hold down costs. The key? Ensuring the process is automated, starting with the order and ending with accounts receivable.

NetSuite recognizes that automating accounts receivable brings plenty of benefits—helping companies to eliminate redundancies, reduce errors, improve efficiencies, cut costs, and speed payment. That’s why NetSuite offers a host of tools that simplify functions such as reporting, billing and collection.


  • Gain unprecedented flexibility by creating on-the-fly reports according to the date, categorization, class, department or other parameters that you determine.
  • Generate bills the same day the shipment goes out, leading to faster payment.
  • Set up accounts receivables according to your specific accounting rules. With NetSuite software for wholesale distributions, you never have to settle for inflexible software that doesn’t support your precise business needs.


  • View either summary or detailed reporting, enabling users to see the level of data most appropriate for their job function.
  • Standardized and customized reporting give decision-makers greater flexibility in the reports they use.
  • Time-sensitive reporting enables wholesale distributors to “back-date” reports as far as needed. (With other packages, visibility into older reports is limited to the standard 30-, 60-, or 90-day payment periods.)
  • Once an order has been fulfilled, NetSuite generates a bill automatically.
  • Cash collection capabilities enable you to collect and bill either the corporate headquarters of a client, or its subsidiary. So you can track separate accounts, but collect just once.
  • Process credit card or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments online easily and quickly.

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