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When it comes to accounts payable, the name of the game is matching three essential elements to one another: the purchase order, the vendor invoice and the receipt.

With NetSuite software, companies can do exactly that with ease and speed. Companies can also pay their vendors and taxes via electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from NetSuite. As a result, they can streamline business processes and eliminate the need to print and sign checks manually.


  • Establish better relationships with your vendors by offering timely, efficient payment, as well as support for EFT.
  • Fully automated check and payment processing leads to greater efficiency and better cash management.
  • View all debits, credits, revenues and costs within the same accounting period for more accurate profit and loss statements.


  • Get full visibility into each purchase order (PO), receipt and invoice. By calling up a PO, you can see its entire transactional history and verify proper billing.
  • Check the status of payments directly on your Dashboard to ensure relevant discounts have been applied—and that payments are made on time.
  • Online bill pay and support for EFT provide unmatched convenience.
  • Drop shipment is an all-in-one process, meaning you can bill the customer accurately, consistently, and always within the same pay period.