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Get Actionable, Real-Time Visibility into Project Performance

To maximize your professional services team’s performance, your organization needs clear visiblity into team and project performance. NetSuite OpenAir provides robust dashboards, and reporting and analytical tools that are integrated across all modules to deliver an on-demand, real-time view into your services organization.

NetSuite OpenAir dashboards and reports enable you to monitor, report and analyze overall project performance in real time, including resource utilization, profit margins, project budgets vs. actual and more. With NetSuite OpenAir, every stakeholder from executive to project manager can instantly see the reports and metrics that mean the most to them. Your organization gains real-time dashhboards that can be personalized to each stakeholder’s needs, giving everyone instant access to the information that matters.


  • Closely monitor project profitability and project performance, see resource utilization, share billings forecasts, understand the backlog and clearly see timesheet status
  • Eliminate time spent reporting using spreadsheets with web-based real-time reporting
  • Zero in on the metrics and reports your services organization needs to drive project performance
  • Improve collaboration by ensuring every stakeholder is operating on the same shared view
  • Reduce time spent hunting for key metrics with personalized role-based dashboards.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Personalized Dashboards
    • Utilize personalized dashboards that provide notifications and one-click access to critical project information
    • Monitor key metrics such as resource utilization, profit margin, project budget vs. actual and more
    • Customize dashboards with end user self-service capabilities
    • Set up reports and view key company information in chart form
    • Share customized graphical dashboards with other users and departments
    • Analyze chart details by viewing underlying reports
    • Individually customize charts on a per-user basis
    • Create bar charts (horizontal, vertical or multi-bar), pie charts or line charts.
  • Self Service Collaborative Reporting
    • Use and modify more than 100 pre-configured professional services reports
    • Create powerful historical and forecast reports, including billing and utilization
    • Run timesheet status reports to ensure employees are entering time in an efficient and timely manner
    • Create backlog reports to identify remaining work on a particular project, helping ensure that all projects are profitable
    • Run resource utilization reports to ensure resources’ time are appropriately allocated among various projects
    • Generate projected billings forecast reports to identify what can be potentially billed in the future at the client and project level
    • Organize reports in folders, save and share them, and schedule reports to run automatically to ensure data is shared with the right people at the right time
    • Allow users to build detailed or summary reports from scratch
    • Create calculations, use custom start or end dates, and custom report filters with a powerful report engine
    • Create custom start or end date periods on summary reports
    • Inclusive and exclusive filtering capabilities for summary and detail reports
    • Download reports in PDF, Word or Excel format
    • Integration with

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