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Making the most of marketing automation means first having the right tools. Only then can you attract and keep more customers; align your marketing and sales processes; manage marketing expenditures; support true one-to-one marketing; and gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and promotions in real time.

Meeting the needs of growing businesses, NetSuite CRM+ provides the industry’s first and only marketing automation capability that lets companies build, execute, and measure the success of their marketing campaigns. NetSuite CRM+ also lets you tailor marketing messages and campaigns much more precisely, leading to greater market share and sharper competitive edge.

Lead Management with Online Lead Forms

Your leads pour in from a variety of sources—online forms, purchased lists, referrals and cold calling. But how do you manage and make the most of your leads? And how do you track leads as they become opportunities? For most companies, managing and tracking leads in a consistent way remains a key business challenge.

But with NetSuite’s CRM+ Application, you have multiple avenues for lead entry, including online forms that allow you to capture leads directly from your Web site; CSV and XML import capabilities that detect duplication when using purchased lists; and manual entry for leads obtained through cold calling and referrals. NetSuite CRM+ also lets you customize your lead qualification and scoring process in a way that’s most meaningful to your business. And by combining lead management with a full view of customer data, you can assess how effective your marketing campaigns really are.


  • Lead management capabilities, combined with a full view of your customer data, allow you to analyze all your marketing efforts, obtain accurate lead conversion rates and better assess ROI.
  • Customization through clicks, not code ensures that the application tailors itself to your business, not the other way around.
  • Lead tracking capabilities allow you to follow the progress of a sale at each step of the way—from lead to opportunity to final sale.


  • Manage and analyze leads from diverse sources—online forms, CSV and XML imports, cold calling and referrals.
  • Easy-to-use customization tools enable you to qualify and score leads based on your unique business requirements.
  • Tracking features let you see the source of each lead at both the lead and opportunity level.

Targeted Customer Segmentation

Companies that continually tune their customer marketing efforts are increasingly tuning into marketing automation tools to assist in acquiring and retaining customers, as well as generating new sources of revenue. But even the best marketing tools prove useless, unless a company is marketing its products and services to a targeted base of prospects and customers.

Using NetSuite CRM+, companies can build, execute, and measure their marketing campaigns. NetSuite’s CRM+ application updates information on customer segments and profiles based on the constant input of new data. Plus, it mines that data continuously for better business intelligence. This customer segmentation information can come from a response patterns across multiple campaigns, such as direct mail, conferences, and training initiatives. It also comes from order histories and demographics of existing customers.


  • Targeted segmentation enables you to deliver a true, one-to-one platform for marketing your products and services.
  • Personalization of products, services and campaigns enables you to find more customers, keep them, and give them better service than ever before. NetSuite CRM+ application is the first customer relationship product that benefits the vendor—and the customer.


  • Target group creation enables you use either purchased lists, or mine customer order, case, opportunity and transaction histories, to create highly targeted groups.
  • Target segments can be further refined based on actual customer order activity.
  • Automatic updates of targeted group lists ensure that each campaign addresses your key markets.
  • The advanced expression builder allows for complex search criteria using expressions of and, or, and not across any combination of fields.

Referral, Lead Source, & Promotional Code Tracking

Keeping your finger on the pulse of all of your promotions, referrals and lead sources becomes more difficult every day. With multiple channels and multiple promotions, you need a better way to track your complex marketing activities—and the results.

Meeting the needs of growing businesses, NetSuite’s CRM+ application enables you to track all this critical marketing data and provides lead management capabilities within a single, powerful application. NetSuite CRM+ also lets you design promotional discounts and track them via promotional codes. And these promotions can be created in any number of ways: as one-time use, percent-based, dollar-discount, or with a set expiration date, giving you maximum flexibility.


  • Measure the effectiveness of all your promotions and marketing efforts, isolating both successful and problematic campaigns.
  • Assess how well each of your promotions is doing in real time—and make adjustments on the fly—to turn on a dime and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Track your leads and referrals within a single lead management application, enabling you to win—and retain—more customers.
  • Monitor both your acquisitions costs and conversion rates in order to gain a real-world view of your marketing efforts.


  • Track leads and referrals by medium (purchase lists, print media, or TV), by types of leads (company size, industry, etc.), or by the promotional offer.
  • Analyze conversion rates and ROI by lead source, and view how many leads were generated by each lead source.
  • Categorize leads as either unqualified or qualified, and assess the number of touch points needed to move a lead through your sales process.
  • Set up promotions according to the needs of your business.
  • Drive recipients of promotions to an online form, your Web store, or your contact center.
  • Ensure that customers receive the correct promotional pricing, regardless of which channel they’ve used.
  • Monitor key parameters, such as the level of response, or market share, attributed to a given promotion.
  • Allow sales reps and managers to track the ROI for each campaign from a single, powerful database.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail is one of your fastest, cheapest and most effective marketing tools. But how do you use it to best address your target markets? And how do you execute and manage e-mail marketing campaigns effectively?

To address those questions, more customers are turning to NetSuite CRM+. Providing target segment creation, creative development and campaign execution, NetSuite’s CRM+ application is the market’s first and only CRM solution that truly maximizes all your e-mail marketing efforts. Additionally, it provides mass e-mailing capability with virtually unlimited volumes per campaign. And with NetSuite CRM+, it’s all managed in one system.


  • With end-to-end management of your e-mail marketing efforts, you can better understand which campaigns worked, which did not, and why, for continuous improvement.
  • High-volume, mass e-mails enable you to reach the widest possible audience.
  • E-mail personalization delivers a true one-to-one marketing platform.
  • Rapid creation and streamlined execution of campaigns enable your sales and marketing personnel to take full advantage of new leads and opportunities.
  • From creation to execution to measurement, NetSuite CRM+ solution manages e-mail marketing in one system, eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems or third-party vendors.
  • Compliance with SPAM regulation means that you can take advantage of high rates of delivery, but rest assured that your marketing efforts are lawful.


  • Send virtually unlimited, mass e-mails without the hassle and excessive costs of coordinating third-party systems and services.
  • Leverage seamless planning, target group creation, e-mail merge, sophisticated data cleansing and de-duping capabilities, execution and wrap-around performance measurement.
  • Built-in reports allow for analysis of campaign statistics, as well as ROI, from the start of the campaign promotion to the final order transaction.
  • Create HTML or text-only templates directly from within the system; you can also personalize e-mails for your customers.
  • Auto-unsubscribe capability gives users the ability to opt out of campaigns, in full compliance with ever-changing SPAM laws.
  • Optimized e-mail headers reduce the likelihood that e-mail will be flagged as SPAM, resulting in higher rates of delivery.
  • Each e-mail marketing campaign can be tracked to the last detail, providing up-to-the-second data on who received, read and responded to the campaign.

Marketing Campaign Management Tracking & Analysis

Maximizing the return from your marketing campaigns means being able to track and manage them. With integrated campaign management, you can at last track all online, offline and direct campaigns in real time and through summary reports.

Using NetSuite’s CRM+ Application, you can create highly targeted campaigns based on your customers’ purchase histories and support cases. In this way, you can not only meet customer needs, but also anticipate them. Plus, NetSuite CRM+ helps you optimize your marketing campaigns on the fly by providing real-time ROI and performance reports on your personalized Dashboard. With real-time metrics, you can improve your ability to pinpoint problems or spot new opportunities.


  • Maximize ROI from your marketing campaigns by monitoring progress—not merely how many new opportunities were generated, but how many actual orders were placed—along each step of the way. Now you can track how each campaign translates to cash.
  • Track campaigns in real time and make ad hoc changes to address new trends or new customer demands.
  • Use real-time and strategic metrics to evaluate and fine-tune your marketing continuously, and outsell the competition.


  • Manage, track and analyze all marketing campaigns, including e-mail, direct mail, or print publications, centrally.
  • Set up and manage multi-channel campaigns without ever leaving the application.
  • Track e-mail blasts, according to which messages were delivered, how many were read, how many were not—all in real time.

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