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*Business Intelligence *

In today’s fiercely competitive market, companies must be adept at analyzing data in order to spot sales trends and do product analysis. Companies need to ask key questions, such as: How many seconds did an online shopper spend looking at a particular item? What does a five-year history of that customer’s purchases look like? What are the characteristics of the most profitable 10 percent of the company’s customers?

But gathering countless factoids won’t give any company a competitive advantage. In fact, the more information a company pours into typical business-intelligence packages, the more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive it becomes to do benchmarking and market study analysis.

To see a real payoff, organizations need to consolidate business intelligence data that is often segregated between divisions. That’s the only way to get a single view of business operations.

To that end, NetSuite CRM+ offers pre-integrated, comprehensive and real-time business intelligence software solution that helps companies reach their top-line goals and fine-tune their business processes. Moreover, NetSuite CRM+ offers the ultimate flexibility, letting you mine business data from your database using ODBC tools, or your choice of business-intelligence software packages.

Customer Segmentation

Most companies know the old adage is true: It’s cheaper to market and sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one. And customer acquisition costs will only keep rising over time. That’s why it’s critical to segment your customers, and generate revenue from your existing customer base. Moreover, it’s imperative to have marketing analytics capabilities in order to foster strong customer relationship management (CRM) strategies.

Using NetSuite’s CRM+ solution, you can mine your customer data and tap into new revenue streams. And since NetSuite CRM+ provides a single, powerful platform, you no longer have to switch back and forth between multiple applications, or departments, in order to obtain demographics data, customer buying patterns, or lists of your most valuable customers. Additionally, NetSuite CRM+ is completely integrated, saving you the considerable expense and hassle of tying together disparate systems yourself.


  • With NetSuite CRM+ solution, you can segment your customer base, lower long-term customer acquisition costs, and generate more revenue from your existing customers.
  • Upsell Manager delivers actionable customer intelligence - not just passive data analysis - letting you create effective up-sell and cross-sell campaigns.
  • Ease of use features, such as point-and-click, enable a broad range of users to benefit from customer segmentation data, empowering the entire organization to create new revenue.


  • Advanced Expression Builder lets you create complex criteria using search expressions of “and,” “or,” and “not“ across any combination of fields. Plus, parenthetical groupings enable you to perform cross-analysis of customer purchase history, service patterns and current pipeline activity for segmentation analysis.
  • Target Group Creation Tools enable users to mine customer purchase, case, opportunity and transaction histories to create target groups, which can then be used to run up-sell and cross-sell campaigns.
  • Upsell Manager adds more intelligence to the process of deciding which customers to target for up-sell campaigns, and which products to offer those customers.

Knowledge Management via Saved Searches

Knowledge management is more of a way of doing business than it is a type of product. And in the Internet age, a cornerstone of knowledge management is saved searches¡Xthat is, searches you create once and then execute repeatedly, getting dynamic results each time.

With NetSuite’s CRM+ knowledge management solution, you get the information you need by creating custom searches based on fields in your records. Saved searches allow you to view such information as your top-selling products, the number of support cases in your queue, or customers who have overdue invoices.


  • Data summarization tools give you more flexibility than ever before, allowing you to distill data within your Dashboard, but without running the same, repetitive search every time.
  • With timely information at your fingertips, you can run your business better, making sure that your employees are targeting important industries and leads, as well as maximizing resources.
  • Customized searches let you see exactly the data you need, when you need it.


  • Search for records using compound searches. For example, you may search for ”sales orders over the last month, for customers exclusively in California.“
  • Users can see all their saved searches, regardless of the role view they’ve chose on the Dashboard.
  • Summarize data in custom reports with new count, sum, average, minimum and maximum parameters, simplifying the task of data analysis. For example, you can analyze leads by industry, or see how many new leads have come in for a particular industry.
  • Use eXtreme list editing to update opportunities, invoice customers, ship items, without having to go into the underlying records.


Companies want to transform the massive amounts of data collected from their CRM, ERP and other systems into meaningful reports. Otherwise, how can they use the information to drive the organization forward, or make valuable improvements to their business processes? Moreover, businesses need reports that are tailored to their unique business model, corporate environment, or vertical industry.

At NetSuite’s CRM solution, we recognize that one size does not fit all. That’s why NetSuite CRM+ offers not only a host of standardized reports, but also the ability to create and customize your own reports. With NetSuite CRM+, you finally have the reporting capabilities that fit your business.


  • NetSuite CRM+ lets you retrieve and view key data the way you want it¡Xeither in standardized or customized reports¡Xvia the Real-time Dashboard.
  • A single, powerful CRM system simplifies reporting. You no longer have to hunt down information in multiple systems or departments, nor do you have to contend with the considerable expense and hassle of tying disparate systems together in-house.
  • Being able to create and customize your own reports gives you unprecedented flexibility as well as ease-of-use.


  • Over 100 standard reports can be further customized to meet your unique business requirements.
  • You can drill down into reports for additional detail, such as which customers bought X amount in goods or services over a specified period of time.
  • Customize reports by adding columns, changing columns or the headings of columns.
  • Add filtering capabilities to reports. For example, you can compare statistics on new business versus recurring business.
  • Place any standard or customized report directly on your Real-time Dashboard for quick, easy access.

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