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From its inception NetserviceBooks software was designed for the field service industry (HVAC and Plumbing Contractors). Evolving technology and our customer base led NetServiceBooks to develop a comprehensive web based system.

In 1987 NetServiceBooks’ software ran in DOS, allowing our customers to create an onscreen computerized service ticket. By the early 1990’s, we broadened the DOS version to include accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, job cost, general ledger, and purchase order modules. As multi-user functionality between workstations became popular, we made NetServiceBooks compatible with existing software so multiple users could enter data simultaneously.

The creation of the Windows version of NetServiceBooks began in 1995 and was released in 1997. This was the first version that used the Internet to update and connect the client and the server.

As the Internet became the future and customers’ desire to manage their own server diminished, the need for a web-based version emerged. To keep up with technology and to be on the cutting edge, we devised a web version that would run through a web browser.

By supplying our customers with a web-based program, information can now be entered securely in the field truck and viewed instantly by the office. NetServiceBooks has been fine tuned to provide the highest level of services for our customers, making us the leader for solutions in the field service industry.

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    A web-based software system designed by NetServiceBooks for heating, a/c and ventilation companies.

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