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Provide your analysts with the horsepower to make a prior period change to the system (i.e. retroactive plan change, quota change, etc.) and have the system automatically calculate the affect of this change and bring it to the current pay period as an adjustment.

This can be a far reaching adjustment where the affect of the change may be not only to an individual’s commission payout, but also touch managers, sales engineers and product specialists who may be affected by credit roll-ups (also referred to as an overlay plan).

Prior Period Adjustments” or alternatively as “Retroactive Adjustments” is one of the main hidden drivers of the accuracy of sales compensation payout calculations. These types of adjustments are very complex to execute correctly but, when done right, unlock a level of value that alone can often justify an investment to automate & improve your Sales Performance Management process.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Prior Period Adjustments:

"Prior Period Adjustments" is part of the NetCommissions line of products, developed by NetCommissions, Inc.