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A web‑based commission management solution designed by NetCommissions, Inc.
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Improve sales force productivity, Lower administrative costs, Improve strategic value of incentive compensation. With NetCommissions you get all the capabilities you need to automate the sales incentive & commissions process and communicate performance feedback to sales in real time so they can focus on closing more time on closing more profitable business.


In order to excel, organizations must communicate corporate goals clearly, reinforce activities that are aligned with corporate goals, constantly improve productivity, identify and retain top performers and above all focus on delivering value to your customers.

NetCommissions ensures that Sales Performance Management is your catalyst for excellence.

For Executive Leaders

Improve profits by focusing sales attention on your most profitable opportunities. Protect your data with Best-in-class security protocols ensure your data is safe. Support your globalization efforts by providing localized performance feedback (local currency & language) to a globally diverse sales force. Arm your company with scalable, enterprise class, infrastructure that can grow with you while also protecting your process from dependence on a single point of failure such as a spreadsheet. Centralize, to whatever extent you prefer, management of sales performance for global sales forces.

For Sales Managers

Provide timely and accurate performance feedback to your sales organization with a comprehensive set of real time reports such as commission summaries & statements with full drill down capabilities to provide access to transaction level detail for all incentive components that make up their plan.

Put accurate, easy to use “What-if” modeling tools at the fingertips of your entire sale force to help them focus time and attention on activities that will impact their wallet, and help the company, the most.

For Sales Professionals

Make more money by spending less time worrying if your paycheck is correct and more time selling. Wouldn’t it be great to recieve timely commission statements that are accurate and provide the level of detail you need to understand how much you’re getting paid and why.

How nice would it be if you could model different deals and see how focusing your efforts will impact your paycheck?

Use NetCommissins to collaborate with sales ops, analysts and/or managers whenever a question arises concerning quota, credit, or plans.

For Sales Operations Analysts

Eliminate manual errors common to spreadsheets through automated data management capabilities of NetCommissions.

Maintain full process control with extensive self-service plan administration modules.

Effortlessly produce reports such as individualized commission statements, summaries and acccrual reports for the whole organization.

Reduce cycle time from weeks to hours by automating the processing of monthly sales data, calcualting results and producing accurate commission statements & reports, commission checks and payroll feeds .

Automatically generate plan documents and circulate them for approval. Track approval process online with complete visibility to process staus.

Reduce time spent administering the sales compensation process, increase focus on strategic projects.

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