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If your business is distribution and/or light manufacturing, you need a bill of material processor that can eliminate the headaches of organizing and managing inventory and assembly levels. You need Elliott’s Bill of Material Processor (BOMP).

Rely on BOMP to track all raw materials, parts and sub-assemblies used to create your company’s finished goods. BOMP, with its sophisticated product structure, establishes the relationship between one single inventory item and the several components that compromise the finished goods.

Manage your company’s raw materials usage with Elliott’s Bill of Material Processor.

Inventory Manager Overview

Inventory Management allows you to record 15 character item number, picking sequences, sale statistics, lot or serial numbers and ability to track multiple warehouse locations. Flexible enough to reflect your organizations unique business needs. I/M tracks average cost, last cost, standard cost, LIFO or FIFO. Maintain accuracy and efficiency in managing your business with Elliott’s Inventory Management.


  • Select average, standard, last, LIFO, or FIFO costing methods.
  • Use decimal or integer quantities.
  • Specify both stocking and selling units of measure.
  • Track lot or serialized information for distribution.
  • Utilize multiple commission calculations by item.
  • Handle multiple substitute items
  • Maintain multiple inventory warehouse locations.
  • Create audit trails with the exact time for the major files to provide a record of additions, changes and deletions.
  • Accommodate warehouse transfers as well as issues and receipts.
  • Generate production reporting when used with the Bill of Material module.
  • Use Physical Count Tag Processing and Cycle Count Worksheets.
  • Perform quick on-screen inquiry to check on the availability or any item.
  • Track newly received items.


  • Customer Order Processing:
    • When orders are entered, controlled items are updated on-line with allocated (committed) quantities.
    • When orders are invoiced, posted item quantities are adjusted.
    • Item and stock status information may be looked up on-line during order entry.
    • Serial and lot information may be looked up from inventory and the quantities are allocated on-line.
  • Bill of Material:
    • When a costed bill of material is generated, the average, last, or standard cost for the parent item may be updated.
    • Inventory Transaction Processing will “explode” up to 11 levels of a bill of material fro production allocation and reporting.
  • Purchase Order:
    • Receiving Processing updates item quantities and costs on-line

Reports Provided (Partial List)

  • ABC Analysis Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • Numeric Item File Print-Out
  • Inventory Location File Print-Out
  • Cycle Count Worksheet
  • Reordering Advice Report by Item
  • Buyer/Analyst Code List
  • Category List
  • Location List
  • Material Cost Type List
  • Sales Comparison by Customer
  • Material Cost Type/Location Account List