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The Inventory Control system in entree, is the complete inventory management solution for your food distribution organization. This system will inform you of on hand quantities, purchased quantities due for arrival (and when), and sales breakdowns.

The Inventory Control system will track

  • catch weights
  • constant weights
  • lb. items
  • case to piece breaking

Some additional features of Inventory Control are

  • lot control including lot qty, date, weight as well as purchase and sales history
  • kit definitions all you to setup a simple bill of materials type inventory control system for your food distribution organization (assuming you manufacture your own products)
  • movement of items are graphically represented with bar & pie chart analysis
  • extensive sales and gross profit reporting
  • promotions, spiffs and rebates

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Control:

"Inventory Control" is part of the entree line of products, developed by NECS.