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entree.DSD is a software package, including and made for handheld computers, that your drivers can use while on deliveries. Your delivery staff can use this software/computer to enter sales, returns, cash receipts, expenses and inventory transactions at the customers site. This information is then transferred into your main NECS server at your office.

Some of the benefits and features of this product are

  • Allows your drivers to add extra stops per day without adding additional work hours.
  • Time currently spent on paperwork can now be spent servicing your customer.
  • Eliminates line item extension errors.
  • Eliminates pricing errors.
  • Eliminates office data entry errors.
  • Easy to use, menu driven and can even be operated with one hand.
  • Full sales and return capabilities with invoice editing.
  • Multiple custom invoice printing formats.
  • Detailed cash receipts are able to be viewed.
  • Customer and product history are able to be viewed.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with entree.DSD:

"entree.DSD" is part of the entree line of products, developed by NECS.