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A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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For over two decades, NCR, now a part of NCR Corporation, has provided innovative store technology to the hospitality and retail industries. Offering unmatched reliability and ease of use, NCR’s hardware and software products have been deployed in over 100,000 sites across more than 100 countries. Our customers span a range of sizes and industries, and include some of the biggest and most widely recognized organizations from around the globe.

NCR’s approach to enabling operators to grow their top line focuses on point of sale (POS), self-service kiosk, ecommerce and back office technologies that redefine the customer experience and greatly enhance revenue drivers such as:

  • Speed of Service - Consistent, fast, and accurate service. Faster transactions, faster employee training and faster delivery to the customer without errors.
  • Customer Loyalty – Innovative frequency programs, exceptional convenience and a brand-building environment – creating a unique experience that compels the customer to return again and again.
  • Higher Sales Per Visit – Intelligent upselling, multi-profit center POS, and point-of-purchase promotions – removing barriers to the sale and providing customers with greater value and a broader selection of products.
  • Order Accuracy & Loss Prevention – Customer order confirmation, fraud detection and shrink prevention – discovering ways revenue is lost and ensuring that operators keep what they earn.

With offices around the world and a diverse partner network, NCR is positioned to serve all your retail technology needs.

Product Lines

  • NCR CounterPoint

    A full ERP system designed by NCR for professional services and retail trade companies.

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    • CounterPoint V7

      A point of sale application designed by NCR for distribution/wholesale trade and retail trade companies.

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      Market Focus

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