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Navotar has over ten years of experience dealing with back-end programming, technical support, and the rental car industry. Our first-hand knowledge of the problems that independent car rental companies face every day made us the ideal company to come up with a fleet management software solution especially for independent rental car companies.

We know that most software companies are more interested in selling you per user licenses for a large scale solution than making sure that you have the solution that is right for your company. This leads to the problem of a square peg in a round hole as far as software needs are concerned. Navotar was specifically created to solve all of the software issues that you face with car rental management software that is created for larger businesses.

Support is available whenever you need it during business hours and it is provided directly by our technical staff, so you know you are always dealing with someone who knows their stuff and can fix your issue. Even if you have to leave a message with us, someone will always get back to you right away. Navotar support brings back the human touch that we’ve all been missing.

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    A fleet management software system designed by Navotar.

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